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Reveal Processing

Processing - Release Notes

Release Notes - Reveal Processing GA (Release Date 2/28/2024)






Import QC

EXIF Metadata flag coming up for irrelevant docs in QC.

The EXIF metadata flag has been refined to apply to file types that more commonly are associated with these values to prevent irrelevant file types from showing as errors in Import QC.


Import QC

Missing QC Flag.

In some situations documents may be flagged as exceptions with no valid QC flag associated with them. Logic has been improved to associate the appropriate QC flags as expected.


Language Identification

LanguageID Status reporting errored for OCR when successfully run.

In certain situations Language Identification processing can be run more than once after successfully processing. Logic has been added to prevent duplicate Language Identification processing.


Message Format

RSMF Attachments Evaluated for Project Filters.

RSMF Attachments were being evaluated against project filters. As children, no filter criteria should be evaluated against these items.


Temp Files

ProcessChild Deleting Temp files resulting in potential Missing Natives.

In some situations temp files may be deleted before extraction is complete resulting in missing natives. Logic has been improved to ensure extraction is complete prior to deleting these temp files.