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Reveal Processing

Document Deletion Best Practice

OBJECTIVE: Suggested workflows and tracking for deletion of data from multiple platforms.

Create A Cross Reference

  • Prior to performing deletion, an export of key fields must be performed.

  • At minimum, the Begin Number (BEGDOC) and Item ID (ITEMID) fields should be exported. These fields will be needed to identify records from the various platforms for deletion.

  • An export can be done in Reveal Review, using the bulk Export function with required fields.


    Unless otherwise instructed, ensure full families are included.

    • If deletion is to occur on partial families, include a secondary cross-reference of broken families that will not be deleted.

    • This is especially important for Reveal AI (see Reveal AI for further details).

Reveal Review: Delete Documents From Review

  • Create a Work Folder and bulk tag documents for deletion in the folder.

  • There are various options to identify the set for deletion. Two recommended approaches are:

    • A search for the Begin Numbers or Item IDs.

    • If an entire import, go to Admin Views > Imports > [Import Name].


    It is good practice to delete records on a family level. To do so, ensure Family Members are part of your search criteria.

  • To delete ALL instances of a document in Review, select “Delete all document records, files and artifacts” in the Delete Documents window.

Reveal Processing: Delete Documents From Processing (if necessary)

  • SUBSET: If a subset of data from an import requires deletion, provide the Cross reference with Begin Numbers for lookup in SQL and creation of a selective set for to delete records.

    • This will require a Support ticket with the cross-reference attached for assistance.


  • IMPORT: If a full import requires deletion, go to Import page, select Import > Delete Import.

  • EXPORT (Last Step): If an entire Reveal Review Import was deleted, delete the associated Reveal Processing Export.


    Delete only after subset and import(s) are deleted.


    Deduplication tables will be updated and could affect previous downstream work.

Brainspace: Build Brainspace Dataset Without The Deleted Documents

  • Clawbacks and removing files from an existing dataset are not supported in Brainspace v6.0 and newer versions of Brainspace. A new Brainspace dataset is required.

  • Ensure your source work folder in Reveal does not contain the documents marked for deletion.

  • Create a new Dataset and Build.

Reveal AI: Remove Documents From Reveal AI

  • Documents will need to be identified, tagged, and placed in a Saved Search prior to deletion. There are two approaches to identifying the documents:

    • If documents have not been deleted in Reveal Review:

      • Create a new tag and add a choice. Example: “For Deletion” tag with a “Yes” choice.

      • Enable Prediction AI to create a model and allow the tag to auto update the records in Reveal AI.

      • In Reveal AI, run a Tag search for the AI tag and create a saved search.

      • Allow time for the tags to sync from Reveal Review to Reveal AI.

    • Using the cross-reference generated from Reveal Review prior to deletion, create a CSV with two columns, first column for the Begin Numbers and a second column for name of the tag to apply.

      • Navigate to the Storybook Admin page and choose Data Sources > Delimited File.

      • Choose the CSV as the source, map the headers, and import.

      • In Reveal AI, run a Tag search for the imported tag and create a saved search.

  • Check whether other processing jobs are running for the Storybook before running the deletion process. The deletion job will run after other processing jobs are finished.

    • This can be checked under the Storybook Admin > Storybook Dashboard.

  • In Storybook Admin, go to Document Deletion and follow steps to mark documents for deletion, delete and reprocess.

  • Confirm documents have been deleted by re-running the saved search or a search on a Begin Number.


    ADDITIONAL NOTE: If deletion request does not include full families, you will want to:

    • Delete the FULL family from AI.

    • Reindex the family members remaining in Reveal Review to reprocess per its new family relationship.