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Reveal Processing

Processing - 10.3.1 Release Notes

Release Notes – Reveal Processing Version 10.3.1 GA (Release Date: 03/07/2022)

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Fix issue in processing from S3 where part of the path is being truncated.

Importing from S3 pointing to the top level folder, which looks like this in the UI: S3://revealdata-s3staging-108000/Persistent/proc-source/PilotData/01.

This imported and processed the data as expected, but the Importpaths for the data were missing the top level folder and the lower level subfolders. The import path stored now contains the entire folder structure from the starting folder location down to the actual data.



Users are unable to associate custodians at the folder level when processing from S3.

Following the item noted under PROC-1800: users have the ability to assign data to Custodians at Import time (manually ingesting in the Discovery Manager). In 10.3 we did not see the option to assign the data, and even manual assignment in the Custodian module wasn't possible at the folder level.

Users can now see the folder path present in the Folder column and should be able to assign Custodians when processing data from S3.



Issue with field mapping in 10.3.

In Review Overlay and append export types in upgraded projects a popup appeared warning Value was either too large or too small for an int32... The errors seen in the database referenced fields in the new Processing mapping for Review 10.4.



TaskType 3 and 9 Leaving Imports Stalled.

While the race condition allowing for these task types was addressed in both Import and ImportQC, there was an additional bug in Import QC that would cause TaskType of 9 where OCR did not complete successfully to be orphaned from the first batch of jobdocs retrieved for tasktype 9. This was being caused by an incorrect parameter being passed to the UpdateJobDocStatus method (task type value of 8 instead of 9) and has been corrected.