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Reveal Processing

About Reveal Processing

Reveal Processing is Reveal's enterprise-level early case assessment and rapid response solution. Reveal Processing enables our clients to easily identify, reduce, analyze and export collections of electronically-stored information (ESI) in hours as compared to a traditional processing model entailing days or potentially weeks.

The first step in electronic discovery is to grasp what content is discoverable from what has been collected. Reveal Processing quickly and effectively addresses that step, allowing Reveal clients to move on to natural language analysis and integrated review.

Here is some guidance to get you started in discovering Reveal Processing:

Reveal Processing is designed around ten functional Modules:

  • Environment Module - manages Processing Jobs and Discovery Agents for the entire Reveal Processing environment.

  • Projects Module - creates, manages and deletes projects as well as selecting projects for action.

  • Import Module - creates, manages, and deletes imports for the project.

  • Custodians Module - adds, manages and assigns the persons or entities producing documents for a project.

  • Searching & Indexing Module - the Search tab creates, manages and deletes search terms, whereas the Indexing tab creates, manages, and deletes indexes within the project.

  • Selective Set Module- combines multiple searches and sets of information to define a subset of the entire data population for Imaging, Reports, Export and other operations.

  • Imaging Module - creates, manages and deletes imaging jobs within the project.

  • Reports Module - compiles results about work done within the system as well as providing data analysis capabilities for evaluating results.

  • Export Module - creates, manages and deletes exports for the project.

  • Analytics Module - creates, manages, and deletes Analytics Jobs for the project.

This is where your discovery begins.